Yes. I have long hair and I look like I belong in the 80s with all those hippies when it's all out! But, what I also have is a deep appreciation of photography.
Let me tell you a little more about me. I’m a high schooler that has had a crazy interest in engineering since I was about 10, tries to always put 100% effort into everything I get involved with, and for some reason, thinks about physics and chemistry when I see things that intrigue me while I space out. I love my family (maybe not like them all the time!) and furry chihuahuas and cat, and I host my own podcast “What is Life?” to help other teens out.
Unlike many of my friends and classmates, I didn’t have this thing to obsess over and “specialize in” from a young age, like sports or music. Being raised in East Orange, NJ, I’ve dealt with several issues in the area and difficult experiences that have been, more or less, punches to my mind and being since I didn’t have an outlet for my creativity. However, at some point I found a little red Nikon camera that my dad gave me years ago, and I haven’t stopped shooting since.
With over 2 years of photography experience, I have grown as both a person and photographer, learning more about myself and my preferences over that time. I can tell you right now, I am a sucker for smiles and emotion in my portraits! They can show off a person’s happiness and confidence, and that’s what I’m all about—helping others feel confident in their own bodies and feeling happy about themselves, and I know photos are the way to doing just that! (so you’ll probably hear some attempts at cracking jokes during shoots) I try to have fun with my shoots and who I’m working with since I know life cannot only be filled with seriousness and issues.
If you value those moments and you like my style, please reach out to me so we can start our little journey together!
- Brad Diaz
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